La meraviglia del Veneto
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It is common for people during their visits at one of the many attractions of the Veneto wondering: "what a beautiful landscape", "oh, this is a magnificent city", "this dish is so good", "wow this wine is great" and so on.

The most common answer of people who live in Veneto is "Veneto, ciò". What does "ciò" mean? For those unfamiliar with the local dialect the meaning of Veneto, ciò can be explained as "Veneto, it is obvious that it is so (pleasant)" or "You are in Veneto, did you you expect less beauty? " or "That is self-evident, you are in Veneto!". website would like to be a web-experiment designed to promote the natural, cultural, historical and enogastronomic beauty of Veneto region. Without claiming to be complete, but hoping to help you to organize your visit "between earth and sky" we wish you to enjoy surfing the website.

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